How To Make Your Characters Realistic

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How To Make Your Characters Realistic

Draw From Your Own Experiences
The best way to make your characters as realistic as possible is to draw from your own experience. By this, I mean you should set out to give an original voice and personality to each character. The best method of achieving this goal is to accurately describe a character, as they would appear in real life. One example of becoming more efficient at this method is by practicing. You can take a real life person and try to develop them in an experimental story. In others, try taking a person you know very well and develop them on the page. Write a story around this person and see how they come to life on the page.

Incorporate Realistic Elements Into Your Writing
You should draw from your experiences in order to make your writing more realistic. You can do this by becoming more precise in the way you observe people in your daily life. You can keep a journal of sayings and ideas as they come to you during the day. Moreover, one of the best ways to incorporate reality into your writing is by being as accurate as possible.
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How To Create A Novel Outline

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While every writer constructs his or her novel in a different way, creating a detailed outline can be a good idea, especially for beginning writers. An outline is like a street map to the world of your novel. The following steps will give you some guidelines as begin:

1. First, Know Your Ending. It's hard to plan a journey if you don't know the destination. Put some careful thought into your ending and don't begin your outline until you know how it will end.

2. Decide on Your Structure. Keeping your ending in mind, think about how your story is structured.Check out this link here. Does it naturally fall into to two, three, or even five acts? Are parts told by different characters? Are there jumps in time? Juggle the pieces of your story around until it forms a cohesive structure that leads naturally and inevitably to your ending.

3. Form Story Arcs. Each chapter and section of your novel, as well as the novel as a whole, should have its own story arc. That is, it should contain some kind of rising action leading to a moment of climax. The smaller story arcs should build toward the novel's larger arc.

4. Filling In. Now, fill in each chapter of your outline with details. But don't overdo it. Much of the pleasure is in surprising yourself while you write.

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Writing With The Family and Getting Kids Involved

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Writing with children in the house is a challenge. Most of us require some quiet time to concentrate and work on our writing assignments. We need time to explore and manipulate words. Families often think that if they can't see an immediate result, your work isn't real or important. If you are only writing, why can't you stop to do what they want you to do?

You could be strict and say they have to be quiet because you say so. That's a very short-term solution. In order to get the time and peace you need, you're going to have to share your love of writing with them. Teach them the power of words.

Each child needs a quiet place to write and personal writing tools. Children should have a notebook or journal of their own. Discuss the movies and television shows that they watch. Have them check the credits for the writer. Give them writing assignments. Grammar and spelling don't count in these writings. We are going for creativity. Read aloud what the child has written and gently comment on it. Have them compile lists of action and mood words. If that doesn't work, have them clean the bathroom.

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Where To Find Writing Inspiration Online

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Are you a writer or want to get in the habit of writing more, but don't know what to write about? Writers block can happen to everyone, either because you're not creative enough to think of ideas or you have already done them all. Here are some great sites online that can help spark your writing inspiration:

A great website and inspiration to those who want to become committed to writing. You'll have the task of writing 50,000 words in the month of November and making your very own novel.

This is a great resource online to spark your imagination and creativity. If you don't have any inspiration, just visit this site and you'll be introduced to many fiction exercises that will help you get started on writing. All of the exercises are from a book called "The 3 a.m. Epiphany".

3.One Word:
One Word is perfect for those who need to start writing but don't want anything long or complicated. You get a minute to write about a word that will be randomly given to you. This also helps spark your mind and is a great activity for students and kids of all ages.
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The Write A Novel In A Month Challenge

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The write a novel in a month challenge is something that is bringing lots of writers out of their writer's block cage. It is an exercise that helps people get the creative juices flowing.

When a person sets out to write their first novel they will always over analyze it. They will start and stop and restart the novel. They will think about ways to tweak the parts they they wrote. They will even have moments where they think about the novel, but they don't put the ideas on paper. Suddenly they will get a mental block and lose their ability to write much of anything. This is bad. It is much better to get some type of idea and just go with it. This is what the "write a novel in a month" challenge is about.

People that write a novel in a month will not have to time tear up every chapter and rewrite it again and again. To the contrary, these people will have to come up with an idea and stick to it. This is a much better way to get people that want to write to do so without fear of rejection by other readers.
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How To Get Started Writing Novels

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Has writing novels been a dream of yours? Is getting started the only hurdle? Often times, the inertia around starting a task overwhelms us and prevents us from taking the first step. While the task of writing a novel may seem daunting, it is not if you break it down into steps. It is generally said that each writer has his own style; however some things can be generalized. Here are a few steps one can take to get started:

Consider which genre you want to write in based on your experience and what you like reading. I say this because you will have to read a lot in order to improve your own writing.
Learn the craft of writing a novel by reading popular books on the subject and consider taking a workshop or join an organization that will keep you updated on the craft.
Once you know enough about the craft and have chosen your genre, start to work on your story. Start from a 100,000 foot level outline of your story before diving into details. Consider several approaches to building your story, be it character based or setting based.
Start writing and always ask for feedback.
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Getting Your First Freelance Writing Client

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The world of freelance writing is very appealing to a large group of people. Like many entrepreneurial ventures, getting started can be quite difficult. If a freelance writer were to ask how they should snag their first client, I would recommend they first produce various sample writings. These writings can be about any topic, but it is best that the author write about a subject that they find interesting.

After the sample writing(s) have been completed, it is time to search for work.Didn't catch that? This explains it. A simple web search for freelance writing will turn up resources that can guide an aspiring freelance writer towards success, but this is only one way of acquiring business. Potential clients are everywhere - many freelance writers find work by asking around or sending resumes to local businesses. When it comes to an entrepreneurial activity, such as this, creativity and ambition are keys to success.

After a client has become interested in one's work, it is time to negotiate pay (hopefully!). Some writers get paid per article they produce and others get paid based on a price-per-word. New writers often times won't get much of a say when it comes to price and payment method, but as time goes on they will acquire more control.
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